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Business Services – Sell Side Broker

At Strategic M&A Advisors, we sell businesses, but that is a simplified statement considering the services we offer. As a sell-side business broker, our end goal is to facilitate merger and acquisition transactions for our clients who are selling their business, partially or fully. However, it is what happens before the sale and the services we offer that makes the crucial difference in the terms and financial outcome of these sales. Our team of M&A specialists in our offices in Mississippi and Arkansas offer the highest level of expertise to assist our clients who want to sell their business services company.

One of the main differences between us and our competition is the level of service we provide our clients. While many business brokers simply match sellers with a few potential buyers, we go above and beyond to achieve the most value for our clients from the sell-side perspective. Our proprietary 5-step process involves many business services that other business brokers do not provide, including:

  • Market value study to uncover the value and key drivers of a business
  • Create a detailed descriptive report on a business
  • Create a blind profile to market to potential buyers and investors
  • Identify qualified, vetted worldwide buyers and investors that match the business profile
  • Handle indications of interest and letters of intent from prospective buyers
  • Facilitate negotiations, due diligence and the final sales process

Our business services are much more involved and geared toward sell-side value than most of our competitors. This gives our clients the competitive edge to finalize an M&A transaction that meets their goals.

Selling a Business Services Company

Our expertise in business services for our clients makes us the perfect choice for selling your business services company. We understand the business-to-business niche and can use our extensive list of services to help you find the best buyer for your business in Mississippi, Arkansas or throughout the Gulf South.

If you are considering selling your business services company, let our M&A specialists at Strategic M&A Advisors help you get the highest value for your business. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation.

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