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Since 2012, Strategic M&A Advisors has been actively involved in supporting a charitable organization that facilitates economic development, education and improved access to healthcare and clean drinking water in rural Nicaragua. Amigos for Christ is a nonprofit organization that has grown from a small, youth-group based mission to a ministry in which thousands of volunteers work together to serve the needs of more than 150 communities in rural Nicaragua.

The mission of Amigos for Christ is to serve God and make Jesus Christ more visible by providing opportunities for missionaries and impoverished families to grow through life-changing experiences. Their vision is to be a model community organization that facilitates infrastructure, education, economic and health improvements in Nicaragua.

Strategic M&A Advisors has donated earnings from select M&A transactions to Amigos for Christ projects that have had a tremendous impact on improving the lives of these impoverished families. Through these projects, Amigos for Christ volunteers have come alongside these families, walked hand-in-hand, and partnered with them to help them move forward one step at a time. In addition, Amigos for Christ has helped provide micro loans for farmers, which have enabled them to sell their crops profitably and improve their lives.

To learn more about Amigos for Christ, visit their website at

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