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Our Process

At Strategic M&A Advisors, we have built a very successful business around the premise that a well-orchestrated, competitive market process substantially maximizes business value.

No two businesses are alike. No two business owners have the same set of personal and corporate goals and objectives. At Strategic M&A Advisors, we custom-tailor each client’s M&A process to maximize the likelihood that our individual client’s goals will be accomplished. That said, the basic elements of our unique lower-middle-market process are incorporated into each deal we do – which translates success as defined by our client. The following are the basic elements of our M&A strategy:

Yes, that’s quite a process. When you hire the team at SMAA to handle your entire M&A process from start to finish, your business value is maximized as the result of our process, the deal structure is negotiated favorably, and your many other goals and objectives for the business are achieved.

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