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About Strategic M&A Advisors

We’re the middle-market m&a specialists

Strategic M&A Advisors is an M&A broker that helps the owners of middle-market and lower-middle-market companies accomplish their business exit strategies.

Specifically, we help owners sell their companies at the highest possible price and secure the most favorable sale terms by uncovering and maximizing the value that resides in the business. This makes their companies as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

Three critical stages of the m&a process

Strategic M&A Advisors provides business owners with the highest level of guidance and representation at the most critical stage of the business life cycle: the divestiture stage. Our primary goal is to maximize the value of your business during the three critical stages of the M&A process:

  1. Before approaching the market on your behalf, we will help you identify the key value drivers of your business. Then we will work closely with you to strategize the way in which these value drivers will be presented to the market, thus maximizing your business’ value.
  2. After we have prepared and you have approved a detailed descriptive report, we will introduce this report to a marketplace of more than 5,000 potential strategic and private equity buyers worldwide. We will also discretely advertise your business on international business clearinghouses. Strategic M&A Advisors has access to an extremely large pool of prospective buyers, which also helps maximize the value of your business.
  3. Once the ideal buyer or buyers is identified, we will negotiate on your behalf for the sale of your business. Our negotiation goes beyond just securing the best sale price — we will also negotiate the best deal structure for you in order to maximize your after-tax return and minimize your potential risk.

Merger and acquisition specialists

The team of M&A professionals here at Strategic M&A Advisors includes business advisors, corporate risk managers, accountants and attorneys who specialize in middle-market mergers and acquisitions. Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of business M&A. Read more about our team members and their industry experience and expertise.

The first step in working with Strategic M&A Advisors is to contact us to schedule a confidential, no-obligation (and no-cost) conversation at a time and place that’s convenient for you. This will enable us to learn more about your business and your M&A goals while explaining how we can help you achieve your goals.


Axial’s TOP 20 investment banks.

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SMAA has been listed #10 on the Axial’s TOP 20 investment banks list.

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