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100% Business Sales

Studies demonstrate that over the next 10 years, approximately 80% of all business owners will exit their businesses. Further, about two-thirds of them will exit through an outright sale to a third party business buyer. That calculates to about half of all businesses in operation today! Unfortunately, however, these business owners have yet to formulate an exit strategy. That’s where we come in. Approximately 60% of the deals we transact fall into this broad category of 100% business sales, usually for exit and retirement reasons.

There are many types of buyers for a business today, including:

  • Strategic Buyers
  • Search Funds
  • Independent Sponsors
  • Financial Buyers (add-on acquisitions)
  • Management Team (backed by Private Equity)

When planning for a sale of your business, we recommend beginning with the end in mind. Each of these buyer profiles have different motivations and criteria for valuing and buying a business. At Strategic M&A Advisors, we are intimately familiar with your buyer’s strategy, and we formulate a strategic plan for you to maximize business value while creating a win-win opportunity between you and your business buyer.

At SMAA, we’re specialists. Let us formulate a strategic plan for you.

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