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Hattiesburg Sell Side Intermediary

When it comes time to sell your business in Hattiesburg, Strategic M&A Advisors is here to ensure you get the most value for your transaction. We are a team of M&A specialists, with attorneys, risk management experts, accountants and business managers to consult and help facilitate your business sale. You have invested time, money and experience into your company; make sure you realize the highest potential by hiring our team as your Mississippi Sell Side Intermediary.

Not all business sell side intermediaries offer the same services. While all sell side intermediary will help connect you with buyers, many do not maximize your potential with a sell-side strategy. At Strategic M&A Advisors, we use a 5-step plan to position your business’ value to obtain the best price and terms. We complete a market study and profile that emphasizes your company’s potential to buyers from all over the world, not just in the Hattiesburg or Gulf South area. You will receive ongoing support throughout the sales process from our team, including closing the deal and beyond.

Are You Interested in Selling a Business?

When is the right time to sell your business? Will a sale give you the capital you need? These are questions we can answer to help you determine the best course of action for your business. We begin with a no-obligation meeting to learn more about your business, goals and expectations, and give you our expertise on whether a sale is a possible option. It is an important first step to determining what path you should take next.

Specialists in Helping Sell Middle-Market Businesses

Our job as M&A specialists is to help business owners sell their middle-market business – period. Whether you want to sell part of your business to gain capital to expand, or you are ready to move on to the next chapter of your life, we can help facilitate your sale. Contact our office to schedule your consultation with one of our team to discuss selling your Hattiesburg business.

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