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How We’re Different

What sets Strategic M&A Advisors apart

When selling the business you’ve worked years to nurture and build, it’s critical that you partner with objective and experienced merger and acquisition professionals who are working with your best interests in mind.

The team of professionals at Strategic M&A Advisors is experienced in the financial, legal, strategic and risk management areas of M&A. Our team members include business advisors, corporate risk managers, accountants and attorneys who specialize in M&A.

Aligning our goals with yours

At Strategic M&A Advisors, we structure our fees so that our compensation and goals are aligned with our clients’ goals throughout the entire M&A process. We are solely focused on completing a successful sell-side transaction that accomplishes all of our clients’ M&A goals. The bulk of our compensation occurs after our clients’ goals have been met, which helps keep upfront costs to a minimum.

Going beyond matchmaking

Some other merger and acquisition firms are little more than one-to-one matchmakers, providing introductions between business sellers and a few potential buyers but little in the way of strategic M&A assistance. Strategic M&A Advisors offers professional sell-side business representation throughout the entire business sale process — from the initial consultation through marketing, negotiations, due diligence, closing and beyond.

A worldwide marketing effort

As a business seller, you want access to as many qualified potential buyers as possible — not just in your immediate market area, but all over the world. When you work with Strategic M&A Advisors, your company will be marketed to thousands of potential business buyers all over the world. This goes far beyond the matchmaking services provided by many other merger and acquisition firms.

Potential buyers we will expose your company to include hedge and venture capital funds, strategic buyers and private equity groups. This worldwide exposure significantly increases the chances of finding the right buyer for your company.

Maximizing your business value

The main goal of most owners looking to sell their companies is to obtain the highest possible price while also securing the most favorable sale terms. We help our clients accomplish this goal by uncovering and maximizing the value that resides in their business to make their companies as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

We follow a proprietary process designed to maximize the value of your business during the critical stages of the sale process. Contact us to discuss how we can help maximize the value of your company and complete a successful M&A transaction.

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