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How Long Should It Take Me to Sell My Business?

Mississippi Help with Selling a Business

If you’re ready to sell your business in Little Rock or Jackson, MS, be prepared for the process to take a bit more planning than you might expect. It’s best to start early!

Why It Takes Time to Sell a Business

Selling a business takes a lot of planning ahead. It may take you several months to get all the necessary tasks done before you can close on a sale.

For one thing, there are very few people looking to buy a company outright. You’ll have to give your company a little TLC to make its value stand out to potential buyers.

Next, it might take some searching for you to find the right business broker to help you through the process. Even with professional help, prepping all of the documents and squaring up the books may take 1-2 months.

Then there’s a window of time for a valuation of your business which can take a week or two.

After putting your business out there on the market and waiting for an offer, you may have a period of back-and-forth negotiation with buyers. Your ultimate buyer may then need time to find a lender willing to help out with affording the sale.

How Long it Will Take You to Sell

On average, it takes about nine months for a business to sell. Granted, it depends on vary factors like a company’s industry, the size of your business, how the economy is doing, and so on. But you should definitely plan for the selling process to take a minimum of six months.

To learn how you can sell your business faster and for the best profit possible, contact a broker like Strategic M&A Advisors today!

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