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In our blog, we discuss timely news and developments in the world of business M&A and how these affect the owners of middle-market companies looking to complete a full or partial business sale: See blog posts here:

Key Value Drivers:
How Strong is Your Management Team?

Most entrepreneurs hope to one day sell all or a portion of their company to an internal or external buyer or an equity partner who can help grow the business. To maximize the sale price of the business, owners should focus on a few key value drivers between now and the time they plan to sell.

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Key Value Drivers:
What Do Your Growth Opportunities Look Like?

Continuing our monthly discussion about key business value drivers, this month we will touch on the importance of Growth Opportunities within your business.  A major indicator of the health of a business, and corresponding market valuation, is the forward or backward movement of revenue and the company in its market as a whole.  Is the company gaining market share or losing it?  Is the company seen as a contender in its market, or a has-been?

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Key Value Drivers:
Financial Statement Quality and Accounting Process Integrity

In a recent blog, we talked about a few key value drivers business owners should be focusing on if they are planning to sell their company in the near-term future. The first, and probably most important, of these value drivers is financial statement quality and accounting process integrity.

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Strategic M&A Advisors, LLC  Proudly Announces the Formation of  Broadstreet Business Brokers, LLC

View the full pdf here:   BBB Announcement


broadstreet business brokers

Strategic M&A Advisors, LLC

Proudly Announces the Formation of

Broadstreet Business Brokers, LLC

The Members of Strategic M&A Advisors, LLC (SMAA) are proud to announce the formation of Broadstreet Business Brokers, LLC (, a wholly owned subsidiary of SMAA.  Broadstreet’s primary focus is to assist small business owners in the Gulf South to sell their businesses and achieve their respective financial or retirement goals.

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5 Value Drivers You Should Be Focusing on Now

The long-term goal for most closely held business owners is to one day achieve what’s referred to as a liquidity event. This involves either selling their business outright to an external or internal buyer or selling a portion of the business to an equity partner who can help grow the company to the next level. Continue reading

Maximize your business sales price

Maximizing Business Market Value – Timing is Everything

 In our last article, we discussed several macro points that business owners should strongly consider when contemplating the sale or private equity placement of their businesses.  In this article, we will delve more deeply in to the concept of timing.

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The Basics – Selling your business

You’ve spent years growing and developing your business and are now considering a recapitalization or exit strategy. Do you sell a portion of your business to a private equity group in order to take advantage of growth and other business/personal opportunities?  Do you sell the entire business to a management team or strategic buyer as part of your overall retirement/exit strategy?  The decision to sell is perhaps the most important business decision you will ever make, so start your planning process now.

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